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【人物專訪】Mr. Bean 調酒師吳兆強:調酒師就是酒吧的靈魂,硬實力、軟實力都重要!

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坐落在仁愛路上的 Mr.Bean 是台北頗有名氣的地下酒吧。因為老闆是納豆的關係,讓不少粉絲慕名而來;在享受藝人光環加持的同時,也容易被人拿放大鏡來檢視,這間店會不會只是另一間在台灣有如百花盛開的 Speakeasy?FestGround 團隊(以下簡稱 FG ) 趁著調酒師 吳兆強 (以下簡稱 KK ) 甫拿下第七屆唐寧茶調飲大賽 Top 10 的時刻,對 KK 進行難得的貼身採訪,請 KK 帶我們一起按下 Mr. Bean 門口的秘密琴鍵。

Mr. BEAN, located on Taipei’s Ren'ai Road, is a popular speakeasy in the city’s vibrant East District. Because the owner is actor and presenter Lin Yu-Chih (also known as Natto, like the bean), ???? many fans come here. While enjoying the blessing of the artist's aura, it is also easy to be examined with a magnifying glass????. ‘Isn't this just another speakeasy?’ of which Taiwan certainly isn’t lacking. The FestGround team (hereinafter referred to as FG) took advantage of the moment when the bartender Wu Zhaoqiang (hereinafter referred to as KK) won the Top 10 of the 7th Tangning Tea Blending Competition, and conducted a rare personal interview with KK. Please KK take us to press Mr. The secret key at the door of .Bean.

專訪 Mr. Bean 調酒師吳兆強
照片由 Mr. Bean 提供

Twinings Tea __ is relatively unknown, why did you decide to participate? What are the challenges when it comes to preparing this kind of non-alcoholic drink?

KK:其實唐寧調飲賽事今年已經辦到第 7 屆了,這次參加一方面是希望我們新進的調酒師可以多一點場外的經驗,再來是 Mr.Bean 一直很重視多面向的酒吧體驗,我們想讓每一個客人踏進來後都可以感覺到自己是被在乎的;無酒精飲料對消費者來說,就是其中一個需要被滿足的部分。

茶飲的調製對調酒師來說是有很挑戰性的,因為如果只是一般的無酒精調酒,我們還可以有比較多的水果類糖漿可以選擇,但因為飲品本身要以茶為主體,大部分的水果類糖漿味道都過於強烈,很容易搶走茶體地域型的香氣。所以要怎麼從有限的天然材料中汲取,能和茶飲搭配出更有層次感的芬芳物質,是很讓人頭痛的事 (笑),我覺得參加這樣類型的比賽,能激發出調酒師的硬實力。

KK: Actually, the Tangning Bartending Competition has been held for the 7th this year. On the one hand, we hope that our new bartenders can have more off-site experience. On the other hand, Mr. Bean has always attached great importance to a multi-faceted bar experience. We want every guest to feel that they are cared after they step in; for consumers, non-alcoholic beverages are one of the parts that need to be satisfied.

The preparation of tea drinks is very challenging for bartenders, because if it is only a general non-alcoholic bartending, we can also have a lot of fruit syrups to choose from, but because the drink itself has to be mainly tea, Some of the fruit syrups are too strong, which can easily steal the regional aroma of the tea body. So how to draw from the limited natural materials and match the tea with a more layered fragrant substance is a headache (laugh). I think participating in this type of competition can stimulate bartenders’ hard power.

Mr. Bean 為 2020 年國際唐寧茶第七屆決賽特約店家

FG:對客人來說,被重視的感覺絕對是最重要的事,可以跟我們分享一下 Mr. Bean 是怎麼在這件事上努力的嗎?

For the guests, the feeling of being valued is definitely the most important thing. Can you share with us how Mr. Bean works hard on this matter?

KK:我們很重視與客人的連結,所以 Mr. Bean 的酒單上是沒有標示成分,只有濃淡的。我們會讓外場夥伴在引導客人就坐之後,先詢問客人對於酸、甜度跟花、果類香氣的喜好,再憑經驗跟客人介紹適合他的調酒。當然,這件事對於新手來說,一個很辛苦的挑戰,像我們這次一口氣推出 12 款新的特色調酒,加上原本的店裡“特殊”經典調酒系列,外場夥伴差點沒因為背酒譜崩潰(笑)。

通常我們在客人飲用完第一杯酒後,會試著去詢問客人剛剛推薦的酒品是不是他喜歡的味道;畢竟每個人的味覺習慣不同,當我們擁有客人越多品味的資訊 ,越有機會可以做出專屬他自己喜愛的風味,這是我們一直試著努力的事。

KK: We attach great importance to connecting with our customers, so Mr. Bean's wine list does not indicate ingredients, only the intensity. After guiding the guests to sit down, we will ask the guests their preferences for sourness, sweetness, flower and fruit aromas, and then introduce them to a suitable bartenders based on experience. Of course, this matter is a very hard challenge for novices. Like we launched 12 new special color wines in one breath this time, plus the original "special" classic bartending series in the store, the outfield partners almost didn't because Back to the wine list collapsed (laughs).

Usually after the customer finishes the first glass of wine, we will try to ask the customer whether the wine he just recommended is the taste he likes; after all, everyone has different taste habits. When we have more information about the taste of the guest, the more opportunities we have He can make his own favorite flavor, which is something we have been trying hard.



FG: I feel that bartending is a profession that requires continuous accumulation of experience. Whether it’s sensitivity to customer preferences or a variety of wine spectrum classifications, do you think the current bartenders’ learning process is the same as when you first stepped into the bar?

KK:現在如果想成為 bartender 基本上要比我們進來的時候幸福很多,以前對於輩份這件事是相對重視的,為了要從前輩身上學到功夫,你必須要先從吧台助手開始練起基本功,備料、打掃、洗杯子一做就是好幾年,大家都是在上班的時候偷看學長們怎麼做,自己趁下班以後留在店裡試。以前杯子洗太慢、洗不乾淨還會被丟抹布、摔杯子 (開玩笑);現在如果丟抹布阿.......可能隔天就會被勞工局約談了吧 ?!

現在資訊相對很發達,許多科學分析跟新的工具,不斷被應用在我們對食材的了解跟處理上;所以現在年輕的調酒師辛苦的地方,反而是要不斷的充實自己,才能把自己的專業建立起來,畢竟酒吧裡的每一個工作者對客人來說都是代表 Mr.Bean 這個品牌,如果不持續精進一不小心被客人問倒了,店家跟客人間累積的信任感會很容易大打折扣。

KK: If you want to be a bartender now, basically you have to be much happier than when we came in. Previously, the issue of seniority was relatively valued. In order to learn kung fu from the predecessors, you must first practice basic skills from the bar assistant. , It takes several years to prepare, clean, and wash the cups. Everyone peeks at how the seniors do it when they are at work, and stays in the store to try after get off work. In the past, the cups were washed too slowly, and the cups were thrown away if they were not clean (just kidding); now if you throw away the rags...maybe you will be interviewed by the Labor Office the next day, right? !

Nowadays, information is relatively advanced. Many scientific analysis and new tools are constantly being applied to our understanding and processing of ingredients. Therefore, where young bartenders are working hard, they must constantly enrich themselves in order to make their own Professionalism is established. After all, every worker in the bar represents the brand Mr. Bean to the guests. If you don’t continue to improve and are accidentally asked by the guests, the accumulated trust between the store and the guests will be very easy. discount.

專訪 Mr. Bean 調酒師吳兆強
照片由 Mr. Bean 提供

FG:甚麼是經典調酒 ? 剛剛提到 Mr. Bean 的”特殊”經典調酒又是什麼?

KK:像摩西多(Mojito)、瑪格麗特 (Margarita) 這些就是大家比較熟悉的經典調酒,不管你到世界的哪個酒吧,調酒師都會知道如何調製這些酒,從國際調酒師協會 (International Bartenders Association) 的網站上都能看得到酒譜,分為歷年、難忘跟新世紀經典三個部分;經典調酒的品項很多,拿一種酒譜來說,如果基酒選用的是 Bourbon 或是 Rye Whiskey 調出來會是很經典的 Manhattan ,但如果我們把基酒換成 Scotch Whiskey 就會變成另一杯叫 Rob roy 的調酒;所以其實 cocktail 是很有趣的一門藝術,它會根據不同地區的飲食習慣長出不一樣、有自己個性的特殊風味。

在一般坊間酒吧裡,大家其實比較喜歡主打自己店裡的 Signature (自創雞尾酒),因為台灣人是喜歡嘗鮮的。不過我們發現,台灣商品的存活週期和歐美比起來,相對比較短,經典調酒反而是在市場上較能長期經營的品項。那麼,問題就來了,同樣都是經典調酒,我們要怎麼和別人做出差異?

我們現在的做法,就是每一期都會挑選一些台灣比較不常見的經典調酒;像是大家很常在酒吧看到的 Negroni,我們就換成另一款由 Wayne Collins 先生發明,保留了原本的琴酒的基底,卻將甜苦艾酒與 Campari 換成了 Lillet Blanc 與來自法國的利口酒 Suze 的 White Negroni 。你可能會喝過Negroni,就是希望可以讓大家對經典調酒有更多認識、更多浪漫的想像。

專訪 Mr. Bean 調酒師吳兆強
照片由 Mr. Bean 提供

FG:今年除了跟百家德、亨利爵士外,大安區萬聖節 bar surfing 以及之前跟蘋果新聞網合作的【自己動手做 創意居家威士忌調酒】線上教學也深獲顧客好評,接下來還有甚麼有趣的企畫在進行嗎?

KK:其實我們一直有在試著讓 Mr.Bean 做出更多嘗試,像是深夜食堂、獨立包廂跟雪茄的推廣都是我們持續在做的事,有些同業下了班還會特別跑來店裡點我們家的隱藏控肉飯(笑)。今年剩下的時間我們主要會把精神放在跨年夜的特別活動上,未來也有可能跟其他的品牌一起推出限量、限地販售的聯名商品,我們希望 Mr. Bean 對大家來說不只是一間大安區的酒吧,它還是一種生活的方式,一個想到就會喚起心底溫暖的地方。

專訪 Mr. Bean 調酒師吳兆強
照片由 Mr. Bean 提供

Mr. BEAN Taipei

2020 年國際唐寧茶第七屆決賽特約店家
今晚,您與豆豆先生有約。 推開神秘的木門,一架小鋼琴靜靜的陳設在角落,請發揮想像力與觀察力,在黑白鋼琴鍵中找到屬於你的入口。由台灣藝人納豆開設的酒吧 Mr. Bean,舒適的黃光設計、搭配復古書牆彷彿讓人穿越到了中世紀書房。不過乍看之下富有書香, Mr. Bean 的音樂可是跟上潮流,從投影幕欣賞電音盛事回播,搭配特製調酒,沒有什麼比這樣更爽快了!



週日、週二至週四 20:00-03:00
週五至週六 20:00-04:00
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beancocktail/

FestGround 獨家酒飲優惠

Mr. BEAN 調酒新手獨享包 ($400)

1. 憑卷可兌換 1 杯 Mr Bean 調酒(任選)。
2. 憑卷加贈 1 杯 Mr Bean 調酒 Shot 。
3. 店內任意開瓶買二送一。

Mr. BEAN 小型調酒派對包($1,950)

1. 憑卷可兌換 5 杯 Mr Bean 調酒(任選)。
2. 憑卷加贈 1 份薯條。
3. 店內任意開瓶買二送一。

Mr. BEAN 豪華調酒派對包 ($3,800)

1. 憑卷可兌換 10 杯 Mr Bean 調酒(任選)。
2. 憑卷加贈 1 份薯條洋蔥圈雙拼。
3. 店內任意開瓶買二送一。

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