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Belocca releases new techno track: ‘WE ARE LOVE’

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LOVE is the purest energy in the universe. LOVE is the basis of acceptance. LOVE forms relationships. LOVE is in all of us.

Belocca releases new techno track we are love

Belocca, a Hungary born Techno artist has garnered widespread acclaim over the course of his illustrious career spanning across two whole decades. Hitting the #1 spot in Beatport’s Top 100 early on, the Belocca name was born in 2000 with the producer soon releasing on esteemed labels such as Suara, Kraftek, 100% Pure, Noir Music, Yoshitoshi, 1605, and Toolroom Records.

In 2012, Belocca started his own label Mainground Music where his hits like ‘Chupakamra,’ ‘Back To The Old School’ and ‘After 10 Years...’ were born and now he comes back with his newest single ‘WE ARE LOVE’

It is easy to get distracted by impulses, fear, hate, anger and ignorance, but still only LOVE provides happiness, calm, equality, peace and acceptance. ‘WE ARE LOVE’ screams it all! Belocca engaged his fanbase, fellow DJs, industry relations, friends and family to participate in his lyric video. This cross-over funky techno has a strong and loving message for the upcoming holiday season!

Belocca quotes: “In these trying times I felt a real urge to take a step back and reflect what’s really important in life. And the answer is always right in front of us. Only we ourselves decide if we want to see it, or not. I made WE ARE LOVE to remind people about this and hope to further spread that message”.

DJ/Radio support & feedback:
Roger Sanchez, Don Diablo, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Chris Lake, Lexlay, Hansol, Andrea Belli - In Da Klubb (Radio 105) Tune Of The Week, Kryteria Radio (Kryder), Danny Howard (BBC R1_UK & Sirius XM_USA), FlaixFM (Spain), Kiss FM (Australia), Ibiza Global Radio (UAE), B96 Chicago (USA), Peter K. Mix Show (syndicated USA & Europe).

#WeAreLove, #LoveTechno, #LOVE, #TechnoForLife

Follow Belocca:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beloccaartistpage
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/belocca
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/djbelocca/?hl=en
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJjWAsRlnQO3_XJ16vgbGg

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