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FG Live | Five Must-See Livestream DJ Sets During Isolation

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To all our beloved party animals, 2020 has been quite a slow year... But whether you’re in isolation or maintaining social distancing measures, no one can take away our love for music from us. FestGround Live is available 24 hours a day, including all the latest and most hyped music live broadcasts from around the world. Turn on your couch potato mode, and go follow FG Live to see what live broadcasts cannot be missed during quarantine!

Timmy Trumpet streaming at home

1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix chose to broadcast live on his personal balcony during isolation from his home in Amsterdam. This live set reached 4 million views on Youtube in just two months, and of course, the song list is not disappointing. Classic works such as Someone You Loved, Sun Is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden), and Summer Days in collaboration with the Down Boy!
Our conclusion? Who wouldn’t want to have a friendly neighborhood Martin in our neighborhood too?

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2. Stay in Your Damn House with Steve Aoki

Honestly, just be careful when you start running around your house listening to Steve Aoki’s live set in the background. The cake throwing superstar is an absolute ball of energy throughout his live broadcast to celebrate the release of his new album, "Neon Future IV (Remixes)". Fans also have the opportunity to be handpicked onto the screen to rave together with Steve, but don't worry about your at-home hairdo - just follow Steve and everyone online and shout: “One, Two, WHOOP! WHOOP!!”

3. W&W 20xx Live DJ Set

W&W partnered with a Chinese sports brand Li Ning to host a live broadcast on Twitch in cooperation with DJ Mag, to host a charity broadcast with UNICEF in an effort to raise funds online to provide relief and repair to communities affected by COVID-19. This extended reality concert is presented in front of a 3D audience with a virtual stage where W&W can be seen playing a set just like you would in a real-life show. The camera effects and visuals show W&W from multiple angles and pan out of the stadium to show you the virtual city where this show takes place.

4. The Ever Charming Peggy Gou Under Isolation

Fashion supernova Peggy Gou went atop the Namsan Tower, Seoul in the recent edition of Boiler Room’s “Streaming From Isolation" film series. Peggy brings an absolute feast of sight and hearing to the internet through her psychedelic sounds combined with the tranquil scenery of Seoul. The charm of Peggy Gou intoxicated in her own world, singing along to the tracks brings a cheerful chuckle and a sense of relaxation during this nerve-racking time.

5. The Realest Timmy Trumpet

The most sincere show during COVID-19 was hands-down: “Timmy Trumpet's Home Live Show!”. Timmy, who was trapped in his Australian home with his girlfriend, started playing his trumpet, danced, and even invited a koala to dance along him with to "The Lion King". The craziness and overwhelming cuteness will surely put you in a happy mood to get your day rolling.

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