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FG Feature | Interview with Beauty Influencer Daddoa at Ultra Korea

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We brought the beauty influencer to Ultra Korea and asked her for festival fashion advice.

Will Mitchell | June 22nd, 2019

Da Sol Lee (Daddoa) is a Korean beauty influencer whose videos have amassed her over 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she shares her makeup tutorials, beauty reviews and a "Get Ready With Me" video series. Over the last year, her Instagram and YouTube accounts went unusually quiet, with many fans wondering what had happened to the vlogger. That is until May, when Daddoa uploaded a video called "Daddoa, Restart" in which she opens up about her struggle with mental health issues, citing harmful comments online as one of the causes for her depression.

Since then, Daddoa has been gradually recovering and learning to embrace every part of herself, as well as helping to remove the stigma surrounding topics such as depression. This hasn't gone unnoticed among her followers, who constantly profess their support and commend the influencer on her bravery. Earlier in June, FestGround invited Daddoa to Ultra Korea 2019, where we discussed her recent struggles as well as her inspirations and festival fashion advice.

As well as the interview, we brought Daddoa and her friends on an exclusive tour of the festival site, taking her backstage and near the DJ booth for an unrivaled view of the event. In addition, in order to provide Daddoa with the most unforgettable experience, we gave her the privilege of accessing the VVIP area- a must for every influencer.

FestGround at Ultra Korea: We took Daddoa on an exclusive tour
Backstage at Ultra Korea

Look out for Daddoa's music festival edition of "Get Ready With Me", which will be uploaded to her YouTube channel on 06/23.

FG Feature is the first of our new interview series. In the not-so-distant future we will be uploading other discussions with influencers, artists and producers, so stay tuned for more exclusive content and follow us on Facebook.

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Ultra Korea Feature Influencer Daddoa
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