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FestGround launches “FG Passport” for unlimited access to the 2021 festival season!

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FG Passport

As the world is taking initiatives to co-exist with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, countries have gradually begun to lift their lockdown measures. In an effort to prevent another outbreak, most music festivals around the world have announced their cancellation of events across the 2020 calendar year.

As it seems that most large-scale events will make a strong comeback in 2021, Asian music festival ticketing company FestGround has recently launched the “FG Passport 2021", an annual pass concept for festival tickets, allowing consumers to travel around the world to world-class music festivals at a fixed price.

FestGround launches “FG Passport” for unlimited access to the 2021 festival season

FG Passport 2021

FG Passport offers two types of tickets: the GA Passport and VIP Passport. Consumers who purchase these passports can participate in an unlimited number of international music festivals sold on the FestGround website between January 1, 2021, and January 1, 2022 (*FG Passport applicable events will be marked). FestGround holds strong ticketing partners with reputable music festivals around the world, as long as you contact the FG Passport concierge in a timely fashion, you have access to music festivals around the world. It is currently estimated that there will be more than 50+ music festivals and events in 2021 sold on the FestGround website, expected to cover: Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and much more. In order to protect consumers, if they do not reserve any music festivals after their purchase, the FG Passport can be refunded.

FestGround General Manager Camillia Lu says, “It’s a difficult time for us and the whole entertainment industry, however, music will never die and eventually shows will slowly start coming back. We are positive about 2021 and want to keep the community engaged and hyped through the FG Passport. Although the Passport is very limited, we’re looking forward to the reaction of the consumers with this never before seen product and seek the value it truly provides”.

FG Passport 2021 sales are currently open with limited super early bird tickets and early-bird ticket discounts
Details: https://www.festground.com/passport

FestGround, a ticketing platform with more than 50 international music festival partners worldwide.

FestGround is Asia's first ticketing platform offering tickets to music festivals, nightlife venues, and other entertainment-related events. From 2017 to the present, FestGround has been the official partner to more than 50+ music festivals worldwide. Winding in an Asia exclusive partnership with the world-famous "Ultra Music Festival", FestGround is currently expecting an influx of partners to join in 2021.

FestGround is Asia's leading music festival ticketing platform.
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