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Listen to Swedish House Mafia Trial New Music at Tele2 Arena

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Swedish House Mafia
Swedish House Mafia

Since their reunion on stage at Ultra Music Festival Miami last year, and with their world tour booked for 2019, Swedish House Mafia has kept fans anxiously waiting for any news of new music. Last week at Stockholm's Tele2 Arena, the band kicked off their tour and treated the audience with a preview of their unreleased single, said to be called "Underneath It All".

Luckily, a video is available showing the performance of the entire track, which bears likeness to "Don’t You Worry Child" in the way it's driven by the lyrics. The vocalist for the song is rumored to be Kristoffer Fogelmark, but along with the title, that is yet to be confirmed.

Fan recording at Stockholm's Tele2 Arena

Swedish House Mafia began their tour on May 2nd, and will be playing next in Mexico City before moving on to Ultra Korea- their first Asian destination. The trio have a close relationship with Ultra- playing both their farewell and reunion shows at the brand's flagship show in Miami. Aside from Korea, they will also be headlining Ultra Europe this summer, with tickets for both shows available from FestGround.

This is just the beginning of what hopes to be a long return to dance music for the band, so fingers crossed for more new music on the way!

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