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Martin Garrix Announces Collaboration with Macklemore and Fall Out Boy

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On April 21, Martin Garrix published a photo of himself to twitter, surrounded by palm trees and rice paddies, bearing the caption "I got this feeling on a Summer day". Almost immediately after, Macklemore and Fall Out Boy's twitter accounts both posted photos with the exact same caption, giving the first hint that a collaboration may be in the works.

Artwork for Martin Garrix, Macklemore and Patrick Slump's collaboration Summer Days collaboration
New track "Summer Days" will be released on Thursday April 25.

The next day it was confirmed: Garrix, Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy will debut their new track "Summer Days" on Thursday, April 25th. However, eager fans will have already noticed that a 15-second clip was released on youtube beforehand, giving a vague insight of what's to come. According to Garrix's social media, the track will be available to listen to from 2 PM CEST / 8 AM EDT.

Teaser for 'Summer Days'

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