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Nitti Gritti Drops Trap Anthem “PASS OUT” With Korean Rapper Gaeko and DJ Kaku

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Out now on CONECTD, a new imprint with a motif of the Modern Silk Road.

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[CONECTD #4: Nitti Gritti & Gaeko & Kaku – PASS OUT]

Latin Grammy Award Winning producer Nitti Gritti drops another remarkable collaboration PASS OUT, this time with legendary Korean rapper Gaeko and one of Asia’s most sought-after DJs, Kaku. Working with Bad Bunny, Pitbull, Diplo, Enrique Iglesias, Nitti Gritti has proven himself to be a world-renown DJ and Producer, who’s now breaking out into Asia by working with one of the longest-running, legendary rappers Gaeko. The pair have teamed up with DJ-Producer Kaku— coming from Japan/Taiwan/USA, the star has numerous worldwide releases and has been pioneering Asia’s clubs and festival circuits, such as EDC, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Asia. Having worked with pretty much all living Korean rappers on earth, Gaeko has collaborated with international names such as DJ Premier, but PASS OUT marks his first time working alongside dance music artists to build a trap banger.

The artists are put together by a new imprint CONECTD to create this trap anthem. “The main theme of the track is pure hype. We tried to create something that everybody can have fun to.” said Nitti Gritti and Kaku, “We tried to envision and feel the loud, energetic crowds while writing this track, envisioning us performing this track together someday. We are going through a tough time but wherever you are at, I hope that you can loosen up and get wild while listening to this song” said Gaeko.

Last week on CONECTD’s official YouTube channel, the team revealed the 3rd episode of their YouTube series CONNECTED MINDS, containing all three artists’ personal interviews on how they collaborated to create PASS OUT. The series will continue with CONECTD’s upcoming collaborations and is expected to show how CONECTD acts as a Modern Silk Road between artists from different regions.

The new imprint CONECTD was launched to capture the opportunity to bridge the talents from the East and the West and connect the best of the two worlds, K-Pop and Electronic music. With a motif of the Modern Silk Road, the label is led by UC Management— the powerhouse behind Asia’s biggest dance music festival— and plans on bringing different artists from all over the world to create something never done before, promoting Asian artists around the world.

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