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Spotify Takes on Instagram's Stories With New 'Storylines' Feature

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Spotify has confirmed that it is in the testing stages of a new 'Storylines' feature that will be visible on mobile versions of the app.

Storylines will operate in a similar way to Instagram and Snapchat's stories in the way that users tap through different cards, with miniature bars at the top of the screen indicating how many cards remain. However, the main thing separating Spotify's version from other story features is that only the artists are able to make posts. This is so that they can provide content directly, giving listeners background information to read whilst playing their songs.

Screenshots from Spotify showing Storylines on Jonas Brothers- Sucker
Screenshots from Storylines shown on Jonas Brothers- Sucker

Until now, Spotify has been using the 'Behind The Lyrics' addition to give listeners an insight into the creative process behind their favourite tracks. However, media company Genius provides all the information for this feature, so perhaps the addition of artist Storylines signifies that Spotify is trying to phase out the need for third party involvement.

Furthermore, Spotify has run into trouble previously due to incorrect information being displayed on 'Behind The Lyrics'. This was pointed out by Paramore's lead singer Hayley Williams, who called the company out on Twitter, before others began to notice errors on artist's work, such as 21 Pilots’ song “Jumpsuit” and Travis Scott’s “Yosemite”.

According to Android Police, so far only several songs support Storylines, such as 'Sucker' by the Jonas Brothers as well as several tracks by Billie Eilish. Only a few countries are able to view the new addition and it is unknown as to when Spotify will launch it officially.

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