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Which Star Signs Make The Best DJs?

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We trawled through DJ Mag's Top 100 rankings to see which sign cropped up the most

Will Mitchell | September 5th, 2019

Voting for the 2019 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs in full swing. As electronic music continues to rapidly penetrate its way around Asia, each year the vote results become the biggest talking point or cause for debate amongst EDM fans.

This year, the competition entered its 27th edition, but today we're not going to discuss our predictions about who will take the top spot, we're going to talk about which star signs are most suited to the DJ lifestyle. We collected the names of the 15 highest-ranking DJs from the last five years to see what trends we could find, here are the results...

3rd Place: Sagittarius

Possessing the dynamic qualities and extrovert attitude typical of a fire sign, it's no wonder so many of the world's best DJs are Sagittarius. Exuding enthusiasm at any given moment, Sagittarius infectious personality and ability to build an atmosphere make them the perfect entertainer. Their sense of humour, independence and ability to disregard conventions mean that there's nothing stopping this sign from going all the way to the top of their chosen field.

One of the most free-spirited signs, Sagittarius is at home when traveling, a definite requirement if you're performing in a different country every day of the week. Their love for change and burning curiosity drives them to try out new things, which is extremely important if they want to stay ahead of the latest trends and genres.

Sagittarius DJs: Steve Aoki, Axwell, Like Mike

DJs with Sagittarius Star Sign

Standing on the stage facing the crowds of people is just another day in the life of a DJ. In addition to spinning the decks, they also have to ensure that their crowd is hyped up and loving every moment. For the three representatives listed above, each one is known for their high-energy performances, especially part time DJ and full-time cake thrower Steve Aoki.

2nd Place: Taurus

This earth sign is understood to be one of the most hardworking of all the zodiac. Their ambition and persistent attitude are important factors in explaining their success, particularly in an environment as competitive and brutal as the music industry. It's no secret that starting out as a DJ or producer can be challenging, therefore Taurus stubbornness and dedication come very handy in allowing them to see a project out to the end, even though they may face many setbacks at first.

Besides this, Taurus desire for all things beautiful makes them perfectly suited for a career in the creative fields. They are drawn to the material world and constantly chase after a hedonistic lifestyle, so it's understandable that they would want to pursue what (sometimes) appears to be a glamorous lifestyle. As pleasure seekers, finding a way to use their passions to make money shows why so many high-ranking DJs fall under this sign.

Taurus DJs: Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Alex Pell (The Chainsmokers)

DJs with Taurus Star Sign

These three are probably household names for most. Let's take Martin Garrix for example... the young and talented DJ's gentle manner has captured the hearts of fans all around the world. He first showed an interest in DJing at around 8 years old and less than a decade later he became the youngest person to reach number one on Beatport, showing just how far a Taurus ambition can take them.

1st Place: Capricorn

The second earth sign on the list, Capricorn shares many qualities with Taurus, such as their grounded and disciplined mindset. This sign is extremely diligent, possessing the ability to fight past exhaustion until they achieve their goals. They are able to lock themselves away in the studio for hours on end, or deliver show stopping performances for hours on end, never giving anything less than 100%.

Capricorn's characteristics are practically made for a career in music, never taking no for an answer or stopping until they get what they want, and let's not forget their love for learning new skills. Their driving factors are both money and presentation- a quick glance at any DJ's Instagram will give an insight into this.

Finally, Capricorn is incredibly introspective, meaning people who belong to this sign can sometimes be overly-critical of themselves. Whilst this may seem like a negative at first, it's exactly this kind of attitude which causes them to reflect on their work and goals, bringing out the best in their music.

Capricorn DJs: Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romeo, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Andrew Taggart

DJs with Capricorn star sign

After tallying up the most common star signs shared by world-class DJs, the clear winner was Capricorn. Out of the top 20 DJs of recent years, seven of them fall under this sign and two of them- Armin and Hardwell- have ranked at number 1 on the Top 100 DJs list. Heads up Capricorns, if you've found yourself a little lost in life or have had enough of that 9-5 desk job, then maybe it's time for a career change...

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