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New ‘Endless’ App Lets You and Your Friends Create Music for Free

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There’s a new game changer on the market for budding musicians, and it comes in the form of a new, free iOS app called Endless. Designed by artist, producer and software developer Tim Shaw (or Tim Exile when he’s behind the decks), Endless is just one of many new apps that are redefining the industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

The app, which Pitchfork mentioned on their 5 Free Apps to Make Music With Other People (Without Leaving Home), aims to let people collaborate remotely or “Jam live with others across the globe”— ideal for when you need to maintain a social distance.

Screenshot of Endless music collaboration app

How Does It Work?

To get started, users can make the most of instruments, samples or effects, before using the sharing feature to allow friends to contribute to the track. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve produced, you can save it as a loop and send it to someone else so they can jump in. There’s also a virtual chat room to speed up the process and make collaborating even more convenient.

Whilst the app is designed for those who already have some production experience under their belt, it’s simple enough for rookies to pick up without too much difficulty.

“It will also be an easy way into music making for a novice.” said Endless in a statement. “You could form an acapella choir, cover your favourite minimal 808 rap beat, form a jam band from all four corners of the Earth, or create an open-ended hours-long live techno jam as you hang out.”

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