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Muay Thai to Massages: S2O Organisers Spunite Bring Songkran to Taiwan

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What to expect at the world's wettest festival

Will Mitchell | July 6th, 2019

Ahead of Taiwan's first ever S2O Songkran Music Festival, organisers Spunite opened up and explained just what it is that makes this event so unique. This marks the second time that the festival has travelled abroad, after the massive success in Tokyo last year it seemed only fair that Taiwan should get a chance to join in with Songkran. Throughout the two days, some of the best international and local DJs will take to the stage whilst the crowds are blasted by water cannons- trust me when I say not one single inch of that ground will remain dry.

S2O Taiwan Sign

The Birth of S2O

It's not just water, it's a Thai style of water- a Songkran style of water. Songkran is actually our New Years, traditionally we celebrate our New Years in April because it is the hottest period of the year. Every New Years we spray water on each other and we've been doing this for hundreds of years

S2O Taiwan Organisers Spunite
S2O Taiwan Organisers with the Ladyboys

The idea for S2O was to take the Thai tradition of spraying water, but then leveling up: adding some of the greatest production you can make here on earth and then taking some of the best DJs -the ones that we love- and we do the world's wettest party. Spraying more water than anyone has ever done, in the best ambiance, in the best production, in the best way in the hottest days of the year- that is what you get when you combine our tradition of Songkran and H2O.

Transforming Taiwan into Thailand

When thinking of how to bring this Thai New Year celebration to Taipei, Spunite didn't just stop at the water... All the stops have been pulled out to make sure attendees get a real taste of Thailand right here in Taiwan- there aren't many other ways you can experience real Thai culture without even thinking about opening skyscanner.

Ladyboy onstage at S2O Taiwan

We realized that everybody really likes Thailand's culture. On our festival site we have Thai massage, Thai snacks, Muay Thai Boxing... all to let people experience and make them say "Oh, by going to S2O Taiwan I can really experience what Thailand is like. There's no need to leave Taiwan, no need to fly to another country.

S2O Taiwan Lights

As if that's not enough, Spunite have specially flown in some of Thailand's stunning ladyboys who will douse fans with water from the front of the stage. The only thing missing really are the elephants, but I hear they're not too keen on EDM anyway.

Here's to a successful inaugural show in Taiwan, and on that note... I'll go and sample the pad thai.

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