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‘Too Hot to Handle’ Star Francesca Farago Used to Date Diplo

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Before it was Tiger King, now it’s Too Hot To Handle. With everyone quarantined at home and bored out of their minds, the internet is quick to obsess over whatever new show Netflix throws at us, churning out memes before you’ve even made it through Episode 1.

Too Hot To Handle is the topic of the moment. The show has a similar vibe to Love is Blind and Love Island, as in we get to see a bunch of sexy singles forced to live together to find love and, sometimes, money. However, the big twist in this new show is that the contestants must fight their sexual urges and remain celibate, with a cash prize of $100,000 USD at stake. Rule breakers are not treated lightly, as a mere kiss can cost the jackpot a hefty $3000, whereas a home run could knock off a whopping $20,000.

One of the show’s stars is Francesca Farago, a Canadian Instagram model who struggles to play by the rules of the game right from the offset. Her and Australian housemate Harry Jowsey had a turbulent relationship, often coming off as the villains of the show by putting their own pleasure ahead of their fellow contestants.

Francesca and Haley
Francesca and fellow contestant Haley. (Image source: Netflix)

Is Diplo’s Name Tattooed in Her Mouth?

Since filming for the show, Farago has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she was previously in a relationship with Diplo... a quick stalk of her Instagram and you can see footage of her sharing a DJ booth with him. Rumour has it that she even has the producer’s name tattooed on the inside of her mouth, but we’re still waiting on photo evidence.

“When I found out that there was an article about me dating him, I sent it to him, like, ‘Tee-hee,’ and he thought it was funny,” she said. “Everyone has just been really supportive and I think they are just excited to see what goes down.”

Diplo Portrait

According to Farago, she was seeing Diplo “off and on for a very prolonged period of time” and are still close now. “We’ve been friends for, like, six, seven years. We are friends, we are close friends.”

However, Diplo isn’t the only celebrity she’s rubbed shoulders with in the past. Francesca supposedly had a short-lived romance with actress Kate Hudson, as well as a five-year relationship with MIA. The model also dated Katy Perry in 2014— so that’s something her and Diplo have in common!

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