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Fyre Festival’s Andy King to Host Room Service Music Festival

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When you hear the words “Fyre Festival”, your mind instantly begins to flick through images of hurricane tents, anaemic cheese sandwiches and Andy King. The latter of these—the man willing to go the extra mile for his company— is the only Fyre crew member to have been left unscathed since Netflix aired their documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened in 2019.

Soon after the documentary came out, the entire internet was talking about King and his “do whatever it takes” attitude. Upon realising the power of his newfound virality, he then went on to raise over $300,000 for Bahamians who were affected by the disastrous Fyre Festival. If you aren’t aware of the Andy King story (where have you been living?), you can refresh your memory here.

Still of Andy King in Fyre Festival documentary

King Set to Host Two-Day Livestream Festival

It’s safe to say that King has had a pretty successful run in the meantime. Within three years since the festival was due to take place, he’s been named as the face of Evian Water, appeared as a guest captain on It’s The Ship, and has now been chosen as the host for Room Service Music Festival.

“I’m beyond thrilled to host Room Service this weekend and bring everybody some well-deserved joy and distraction!” Andy said, “This festival gives us a chance to translate the anniversary of Fyre into some real good that’s needed in the world right now.”

Andy’s manager Jason Ve added: “Andy and I were originally producing our own virtual festival when we met this incredible team and we recognised we had a shared vision. We are happy to be part of one of the largest virtual festivals in history.”

Room Service Music Festival

Room Service Music Festival is a two-day, livestream event set up by Trap Nation and Chill Nation in order to raise money for Feeding America and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Whilst it doesn’t cost anything to participate, users will be able to donate money to the above organisations. According to Room Service, the festival successfully raised $15,000 just 24 hours after the announcement was made.

As a way to level up the livestream experience, Room Service will be interlaced with live programming, studio sessions, artist interviews, and fundraising opportunities. Similar to traditional music festivals, there will be different ‘stages’ showcasing varying genres, accessible via Trap Nation and Chill Nation’s YouTube channels. The festival will take place on Friday April 24 until Sunday April 26, you can check out the set times here.

Room Service Music Festival lineup

Sweet Relief EVP Aric Steinberg said: "We're blown away by the success of the streaming events in support of the music community. The amazing team behind their first event, Digital Mirage did something very special and we can't wait to see that community brought to life again during the upcoming Room Service event, 3 more days of incredible music and support for music industry professionals in desperate need."

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